Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Whites of Redland Bay

This family portrait was displayed in the old home.
Frank and Jane White, of School of Arts Road, Redland Bay, Qld, with their eight children c1920. The children are (L-R) Joyce, Frances, Hilary, Ruth (the baby), Lucinda, Halley, Lavinia, Frank.

There are stories within these names, and the names that they were know by. These explanations were told by my father Frank - other family members may have other stories.
Jane Halley Logan was called Halley or "Hal".
Frances Mary Catherine: also "Kit" or "Ki-Ki", which Dad said was his baby name for his twin sister, who was also called "Bunk" (don't know why) or "sister".
Francis William Fielding was known as Frank. William Fielding was the name of his maternal grandfather, and his mother's brother Willie who died in tragic circumstances in a shark attack- swimming accident in Redland Bay. Frank was known as "Willie" as a child. His immediate family called him "brother". At the Brisbane Boys Grammar School he was called "le Blanc". When he worked at the National Bank he was "Bill".
Eliza Lillian Joyce was known as "Joyce" or "Joycie".
Lavinia Adelaide was called "Vin", "Vinny", or "Dick". She was Aunty Dick to the younger generation. "Dick" was the nick name given to her after she and Hilary pulled up some little custard apple trees. So it was decided that the partnership best be broken up by sending her to school. Dad, who had a great memory for poetry, remembered this little rhyme:
Poor Dick, sad Dick our wayward son
Turbulent reckless idle one
Could he be spared? Nay he who gave
Bids us befriend him to the grave.

Hilary Whitmore Logan was called "Hil"
Lucinda Elizabeth was "Lass" at home, and "Lucy" at school
Esther Ruth was known as "Ruth" or "Babe".

At the time of writing this blog (Nov 2008), Aunty Lucinda is living in a retirement home in USA, and Aunty Ruth is at Redland Bay. The other members of the family have passed away.

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